Terms of delivery of vandal-proof sanitary ware | Nersant
Manufacturing of stainless steel sanitary ware and furniture from corrosion-resistant metals

Representative office in Kazakhstan
phone icon +7-906-137-02-08
email icon nersant@mail.ru




  • Pickup.
  • Delivery throughout Russia by any transport companies as agreed with the buyer (Business Lines, Auto Trading, ZheldorExpedition and others).
  • Shipping cost is calculated according to the tariffs of the transport company..
  • You can check the delivery status in the support service of the transport company.


  • For individuals – payment of the bill through the branch of any bank.
  • Bank transfer for legal entities.

If you have any questions, please contact us for advice through the feedback form by calling us or leaving a comment when placing an order.

Enjoy your shopping!