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Manufacturing of stainless steel sanitary ware and furniture from corrosion-resistant metals

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Nersant – Russian-made high-quality vandal-proof sanitary ware


Our company has been manufacturing vandal-proof sanitary ware, including stainless steel toilets, for two decades. The confident development of the company, a wide range of products and positive customer reviews indicate that this sanitary ware was and remains in demand in various fields of activity. Naturally, the prices of stainless steel products, including toilets, sinks, Genoa bowls, urinals, pallets, in our company are significantly lower than competitors, because we are manufacturers of this sanitary ware, and it’s allows us to exclude a whole chain of intermediaries from the relationship “buyer-manufacturer”, which positively affects to the cost of products. That is why we offer the interesting stainless steel products and make an order using the feedback form on the website or by phone.

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AISI 304 stainless steel


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Steel is corrosion resistant heat resistant. AISI 304 or 08x18n10 (Russian designation of stainless steel grade) is used to create a variety of welded parts and structures. It is most actively used in the food, chemical and light industries to create kitchen utensils, household items and create stamped parts.

Main characteristics:

  • good overall corrosion resistance
  • good ductility
  • excellent weldability


  • Housewares
  • Sinks
  • Frameworks for metal structures in the construction industry
  • Kitchen utensils and catering equipment
  • Dairy equipment, brewing
  • Welded constructions
  • Tanks for ships and land tankers for food, drinks and certain chemicals



 Bowl “Genoa” or “Turkish toilet”


Bowl “Genoa” is placed directly on the floor, on each side of it there are special platforms on which feet are placed. Drain can be either continuous (water flows constantly in a weak flow) or forced  it flows from a tank hidden in the wall. In addition to the widespread sanitary porcelain and sanitary ware, metal is used as a material.


 Nersant Vandal-proof Toilets


Reliability, durability and ease of maintenance are the main advantages of stainless steel toilets that Nersant offers to everyone. These products are made of high-quality austenitic steel (AISI 304), which guarantees all anti-vandal products not only durability and reliability, but also the simplicity and safety of sanitation. Aesthetic appearance, original design and construction convenience may interest not only those who feel the need for anti-vandal plumbing in a stainless steel toilet, but also private buyers who prefer high-tech style in everything, including sanitary ware.