Vandal-proof sanitary ware

  • Stadiums

  • Factories

  • Restaurants

  • Malls

  • Ships

  • Households

  • Bidet

  • Drinking fountain

  • Medical foot wash-basin 1НСт

  • Medical foot wash-basin 2HCт

  • Paper dispenser

  • Shower-tray

  • Shower-tray 1НСт

  • Squat-toilet „Genoa“ 1НСт

  • Squat-toilet „Genoa“ 2НСт

  • Squat-toilet „Genoa“ 3Нст

  • Stainless steel mirror

  • Toilet-paper dispenser

  • Urinal divider

  • Utility sink 1НСт

  • Vandal-poof washbasin 1НСт-4

  • Vandal-poof washbasin 8НСт double

  • Vandal-proof bathtub 1 НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 1НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 2НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 3НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 4Нст

  • Vandal-proof toilet 4НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 4НСт-1

  • Vandal-proof toilet 4НСт-2

  • Vandal-proof toilet 5НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 6НСт with corner tank

  • Vandal-proof toilet 7НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 8НСт

  • Vandal-proof toilet 9Нст

  • Vandal-proof urinal 1НСт

  • Vandal-proof urinal 2НСт

  • Vandal-proof urinal 3НСт

  • Vandal-proof urinal 4НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 3НСт-1

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 7НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 1НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 1НСт-1

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 1НСт-2

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 1НСт-3

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 2НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 3НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 4НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 5НСт

  • Vandal-proof washbasin 6НСт

About Production

Germany, Hamburg, GET Nord November 22-24, 2018 - exhibition of electrical engineering, sanitation, heating, air conditioning

Germany, Hamburg, SMM from September 4 to 7, 2018 - 28th International Exhibition of Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology

We bring to your attention new items:

Nersant was founded in 1995 and is a Russian manufacturer of sanitary products from corrosion-resistant low-carbon austenitic steel of the AISI 304 brand: toilets, floor-type toilets of the Genoa bowl, washbasins (sinks), shower trays, bidets, technical sinks, and sinks for foot medical and urinals.

AISI 304 stainless steel is acid resistant and can withstand short-term temperature rises of up to 900 degrees Celsius. The products are certified and bring to the attention of customers the following types:

  • stainless classic toilets with oblique, straight and horizontal flush;
  • stainless steel Genoa floor-mounted toilet bowls of various configurations;
  • stainless washbasins and sinks of different types and shapes;
  • stainless urinals in various designs;
  • stainless foot washers medical;
  • stainless technical sinks;
  • stainless shower trays;
  • paper towel dispensers;
  • holders of toilet paper.

All of the sanitary ware presented is made in accordance with Russian technical specifications TU 4940-001-88640418-2007 and is intended for use in public bathrooms, on ships, vessels, in sanitary rooms of domestic production facilities, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums and other places common use, as well as in bathrooms and restrooms of residential buildings.

We consider individual orders from this series of equipment.

The materials used are safe for contact with skin and are approved for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Guaranteed high quality and reliability of Nersant anti-vandal products.

The lifespan of our products is more than 20 years.